Want to Revive Dormant Grass? Follow These Effective Tips

The exterior of your commercial premises can tell a lot about you. This is why you will see many commercial proprietors hiring a landscaping company to work on the landscape. One problem of a poor commercial landscape could be grass that will not grow. When the hot and dry climate sets in, it is very hard to keep the grass green and fresh. It does not mean that the grass is dead when it turns brownish. The good thing is that you can have green and fresh grass regardless of the season if you allow a commercial landscaping company to work for you. You or the company you hire will need to use the following tips to ensure a quick grass recovery for dormant grass.


If the dry season is expected to go on for a long time, you will need to water your grass to prevent it from dying. Watering the lawn prevents dehydration and keeps the soil wet. Remember, once the grass lacks enough water, it will move from the dormancy stage and die. So, keep it alive during this season by watering at least a 5-inch depth. This will keep the grass healthy with little stress during this period.

Controlling Weeds

Even when the grass is suffering during the drought season, some weeds might be thriving in the same field. These weeds will take up the remaining nutrients and water from the soil and the roots of the turf. So, if you notice weed in the grass, remove it with your hands or apply a safe herbicide to get rid of it.


Before your grass enters the dormancy stage, it is very vital to water it deeply. This will help in keeping the soil moist. It will also help the grass not to dry completely and grow with time. However, before rehydration, make sure you can differentiate between dead and dormant grass.


During the dry season, dot mow your grass regularly. However, maintain the regular height. If you have to mow, ensure you do it late in the evening or early in the morning. This will reduce stress and slow the grass from drying up. Avoid using blunt blades when mowing. 


In the dormancy stage, avoid applying too much fertilizer on the grass. Remember, when there are more nutrients, the leaves will tend to grow faster. This growth might affect the roots. It is also advisable not to supply nitrogen to the grass to prevent the growth of the plant.  

Reducing Traffic

In the dormant stage, ensure you reduce traffic on the lawn. This is because too much traffic might kill the crowns that will need to sprout out later when the grass recovers. Foot traffic stresses the grass that may cause dehydration with time.

The Takeaway!

These are proper lawn practices you should follow to help the grass recover from the dormancy stage. If you decide to hire a landscaping company, then good for you. Landscaping companies help in maintaining the beauty of your lawn in addition to other services. So, if you are ready to revive the grass, do the things discussed above or get a company to do the job for you.