How to Emphasize Authenticity with Your Clothing Choices

Are you among those striving to obtain genuine authenticity in all you do? If so, there are probably some areas you struggle in. A common area of struggle is clothing. We are so programmed to look at style and fashion with tunnel vision that we end up wearing what everyone else wears. Such habits do not lend themselves well to authenticity.

Authenticity is the foundation of a New York City brand known as Plurawl. The boutique brand sells LatinX T-shirts, hoodies, hats, coffee mugs, and artwork – all with a uniquely LatinX message. Plurawl’s founder established things that way from the very start.

If you’re looking to emphasize authenticity with your own clothing choices, Plurawl offers the following suggestions:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

Boldness in the fashion world is often tied to colors and cuts. It is all about pushing the boundaries as far as they will go. But in terms of authenticity, boldness is quite different. It actually has nothing to do with color or cut. It has nothing to do with style.

Being bold in your authenticity is all about letting your personality, beliefs, and character traits shine through your clothing choices. It is about not being afraid to let your clothing make a statement. However, there are limits. The generally authentic person doesn’t go out of their way to be offensive. There is a way to be bold in your clothing choices without purposely trying to offend others.

2. Wear Clothing with Messaging

A staple of the Plurawl brand is the LatinX messaging included with every piece. Some of their T-shirts and sweatshirts feature graphic images. Others boast printed messages. The one thing every piece has in common is promoting the richness and uniqueness of LatinX culture. You can follow their example by choosing clothing that includes messaging reflective of who you are as a person.

3. Align Clothing with Convictions

Next up is the principle of aligning your clothing choices with your convictions. For example, if you are a strong advocate for sustainability, choose brands that promote sustainability with their daily operations. Likewise, you might be an advocate for legal cannabis. You can look for brands that promote it. Moreover, you can look for brands that offer clothing from hemp fibers.

Here’s the point: genuine authenticity in your fashion choices requires that you choose brands that align with your core beliefs. Otherwise, the clothing you wear is not authentic to you. If you decry animal cruelty but then wear genuine leather, what is your truly authentic self?

4. Choose Clothing That Makes You Feel Good

People have a tendency to allow their fashion choices to be influenced by public opinion. We have all been there. We’ve all found ourselves wanting to purchase a piece of clothing just because everyone else seemed to be wearing it. There is nothing authentic about that.

A better strategy is to choose clothing that makes you feel good. Wear clothing that you find comfortable. Choose pieces that make you feel good about yourself and how you look. Do not let your choices be determined by societal norms or arbitrary fashion standards.

It is possible to emphasize your authentic self by way of the clothing you wear. It starts by stepping back and assessing who you really are. Once you know that, you can make clothing choices based on being that person. At the heart of it all is a willingness to wear clothing that is right for you, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. Nail that much and you are well on your way to clothing authenticity.