The Importance of Influencers in Ecommerce

Let us take Instagram as an example. What is this social media website for? On the face of it, it is a place to upload photographs and videos and gain followers with the quality of this uploaded content. It is fun, free to sign up for, and millions of people use it across the world. However, anybody with a modicum of business sense will also notice that Instagram has massive potential for eCommerce.It is a highly visual social media site, and it suits well the type of content that fosters brand identification, draws traffic to eCommerce sites, and shows off products to millions of people worldwide. The same goes for Facebook, YouTube, and myriad other social media sites.

Such sites also feature the phenomenon of influencers. Influencers are users of these sites who have garnered a massive following and to whom millions of people tune in daily. Furthermore, the commercial potential of having an influencer endorse a product or brand has not gone unnoticed by eCommerce businesses keen to market their products to the widest number of people possible. Influencers are well-named – they have serious influence.

Azola Creative – a lead generation website design service – says that the rise of influencers has opened a whole new field of eCommerce marketing. Moreover, if you run an eCommerce venture, you can be sure that getting an influencer on your side will bring you almost instant benefits – increased traffic, greater sales, and a truly captive audience for your marketing.

What Kind of Influencer Should You Target?

There are several kinds of influencers, and each of them has a different kind of audience. The most fundamental advice, therefore, is to reach one with an audience you judge to be a fertile ground for your own marketing. This is pretty obvious – you wouldn’t contact an influencer with a fashion YouTube channel if your site is selling DIY products.

That said, the rise of the influencer is a unique phenomenon within marketing. This is because the attraction of the influencer is very often the influencer themselves. It is their personality that attracts their followers, and not any topic they specialize in or make content about.

Think about it this way, an influencer is a person, and every person has many different interests and needs. An influencer might be interested in fashion, but they might also need a juice presser for their morning routine, or they might also use an organization app for work. This means that if you are selling any of these three (totally different) products, one influencer and their audience is suitable for your marketing.

Synchronizing Content

The general interest that influencers attract, as well as the fact that their audiences often follow them for no other reason than their personality itself, is precisely what makes influencer marketing so versatile. Nevertheless, influencers can also be popular for specific reasons, like the aforementioned fashion vlogger.

With these influencers, it can be a particularly good idea to synchronize the content you produce on your eCommerce site with the content that the influencer produces. For example, if that fashion vlogger makes videos about the top summer outfit paring for crop tops, then blog content about crop tops on your fashion e-commerce site will also be of interest to that influencer’s followers.

This is where that great versatility comes from. Influencers can drum up general and specific interest, meaning an influencer marketing campaign can also foster both general and specific interest in your business and the products it produces.

Versatile and incredibly effective, it is no wonder that influencers are of keen interest to those navigating the stiff competition of eCommerce.