A Look at Some Travel Blogging Tips

What makes for a good travel blog? How should the blog look? How can you optimize the content for SEO? How can you grow your blog and attract as much interest as possible?

These are all particularly important questions for anyone starting a travel blog. However, you might have noticed that none of them involve what you are actually writing. Of course, it isn’t that the content itself and the places you represent are not important (they very definitely are) but rather that all that great content isn’t going to reach many eyes if you don’t play the internet game. Peak Design, a company offering SEO services in Sacramento, says that travel blogging is a uniquely popular choice, rivaling other blog topic giants like fashion and how-to guides.

The travel blogger, therefore, faces stiff competition. This is inevitable, and you absolutely must create a wieldy, attractive website and have exciting, well-written blog content to keep the visitors coming back. There are many professional sites that can help with this, but there is no substitute for simply having a blog that people want to read. Nevertheless, there is something that, as a travel blogger, you have one great advantage over other types of blogs.

The Product Sells Itself

This advantage is the content! Consider a fashion blog on an eCommerce site. Such a site could have the most well-written, SEO-optimized content around, but it could still fall short if the products being featured are not up to snuff. These product items might also need to be manufactured.

But what are you “selling” with a travel blog? You are selling beautiful places that already exist. A travel blog featuring articles on, say, the most idyllic hidden villages in the Ardeche region of France, is immediately attractive precisely because those locations are attractive. The only thing you need to add is what experiences you had there, and this is also something that is hardly the most taxing task. Visiting beautiful and exciting places is a joy in and of itself.

Of course, though, after that’s time to get down to the less fun business of making an ideal website, writing well, and drawing traffic to your blog.

Travel Blogging Tips

So, if you want to become a successful travel blogger, it all begins with buying those airline tickets. After that, these are the tips to follow:

Make Your Content Useful

Okay, so you visited Tokyo and had a wonderful time. Good for you. But what makes people want to read about this? Yes, a mere account of your time there can be attractive, but to take your blog to the next level, it is wise to create content that is actually useful. Was it complicated to book those train tickets for your day trip to Kyoto? Tell your readers all about it so they can avoid that irritating detour you had to suffer.

Do Unusual and Interesting Things

To take another French example, if you went on a trip to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower, you can be sure nobody wants to read about it. It is what everyone does when they go to Paris, and your account of being amazed at how tall it is is merely a drop in an ocean of boring content. However, if you met the guy responsible for painting it, then your account of that meeting adds something very fresh. Do unusual and interesting things.

Travel blogging is a rewarding experience, and you can make a real income from it. But only if you provide a unique perspective on the world’s great attractions.