MCWG In Driving Licence: Essential Information You Should Know

What Is MCWG?

MCWG stands for Motorcycle with Gear and refers to a specific driving licence approved by the Road Transport Authority in India. It authorises individuals to ride motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and bikes with engines of 50 cc or more, equipped with gears.

Eligibility For MCWG Driver’s Licence

To acquire an MCWG driving licence, individuals must meet key criteria: being at least 18 years old, holding a valid learner’s licence for 30 days, passing theory tests on traffic laws, road signs, and safe riding, and completing a practical test demonstrating motorcycle control, terrain navigation, and adherence to traffic laws.

How To Apply Online For An MCWG Driver’s Licence?

  • Visit The Official Website: Go to the official website of Parivahan at
  • Navigate To The Driving Licences Section: Select the state where you intend to obtain the licence and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Complete Application Form: Fill in the online application form with accurate information.
  • Attach Required Files: Scan and upload necessary documents, including the learner’s licence and proof of address, age, and identity.
  • Payment: Make the application fee payment using the online gateway provided.
  • Select Test Slot: Choose a suitable day and time for theory and practical exams.
  • Schedule Exam: Confirm the chosen time slot and complete the booking process.
  • Attend Exam: Show up on the appointed date with the required documents for theory and practical exams.

How To Apply Offline For An MCWG Driver’s Licence?

  • Acquire Application Form: Visit the local Regional Transport Office (RTO) to obtain the application form.
  • Complete Form: Fill out the form accurately.
  • Compile Records: Gather required documents, including learner’s licence, proofs of identity, address, and passport-sized photos.
  • Submit Documents: Submit the completed form and necessary documents at the designated RTO counter.
  • Fee Payment: Pay the application fee at the designated payment counter, obtaining a receipt.
  • Schedule Exam: If required, schedule theory and practical exams.
  • Attend Exam: Arrive on the scheduled date at the testing location with the required documents for both exams.

Documents Needed

  • Address Verification: Utility bills, food card, Aadhaar card, passport, bank passbook.
  • Age Verification: Birth certificate, tenth standard marking sheet, PAN card, passport, driver’s licence.
  • Identity Verification: Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, voter identification card, driver’s licence.

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