Why Should Medical Facilities Outsource Their Facilities Management?

Medical facilities have a duty of care to their patients. As such, they have many responsibilities in terms of caring for their health and wellbeing. But their responsibilities extend farther than health and wellbeing. They must also manage patient flow, maintain a clean and healthy environment, and make sure that the facility is safe for anyone that uses it. Additionally, it is necessary to make sure that all supplies and equipment are stocked to required levels at all times.

There is certainly much to do in order to keep a medical facility running efficiently, and for some managers the endless list of tasks can become overwhelming. As patient care is the main priority, some medical facilities decide that the best way to focus on this is by outsourcing their facilities management. According to the good folk at All Pro Cleaning, facilities management companies can take control of many of the administrative tasks associated with a medical facility to help relieve the pressure on management and allow them to focus on providing top-notch patient care.

To that end, the following are some of the key benefits for medical facilities when it comes to outsourcing facilities management:

  1. Improved efficiency: The main priority of any medical facility is to provide excellent care to their patients. As such, outsourcing facilities management allows them to place all their attention in this area. The tasks of facilities management can be left to those who excel in it, which will then improve efficiency.
  2. Increased cost savings: Another huge benefit to medical facilities that outsource their facilities management is the financial savings it can help them make. Those facilities that pass control of facilities management to a third-party company will eliminate the costs associated with advertising for new employees, training, and the management of an in-house facilities team. Furthermore, outsourcing allows medical facilities to negotiate better rates for their equipment and supplies if they take advantage of economies of scale.
  3. Access to expertise: A third-party facilities management company will specialize in all areas of this department and will have employees with the skills and knowledge to provide an excellent service when it comes to security, maintenance, and cleaning.
  4. Improved patient satisfaction: By far one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing facilities management is the customer satisfaction that it brings. When an expert company is taking care of the premises, patients will benefit from a tidy, clean, and well-organized facility. This then increases patient and staff satisfaction and will translate to an improved reputation for the medical facility.
  5. Increased flexibility: Outsourcing facilities management allows medical facilities to be more responsive to change and having the flexibility to adapt to these changing needs. For instance, a medical facility that experiences a sudden growth in patient numbers will know that they can trust their facilities management company to handle any additional maintenance or cleaning tasks that may be required, with the minimum of fuss or hassle.


There are so many good reasons for medical facilities to outsource their facilities management to a third-party company. Companies that specialize in providing facilities management services are experts in their field and can take care of all aspects of cleaning, securing, and maintenance of the medical facility, and hence leaving the running of the facility and patient care to the management team.

A well-managed building will be secure and safe for patients and staff, thus increasing customer satisfaction and improving the reputation of the medical facility. As well as improved efficiency, outsourcing this part of the business will mean financial savings too.