Top Tips for Video SEO

For the majority of people running a website, ecommerce site, or engaging in any kind of online creative endeavor, SEO should not be unfamiliar. In fact, even amateurs can often do a lot to ensure their website comes up a little higher on Google searches and found by the right people. If this sounds like you, then there is probably one thing you associate with SEO more than anything else – keywords.

Indeed, SEO often seems to be all about keywords. A website first tracks the relevant keywords for whatever they are offering, and then is sure to include them in text content. However, SEO is more than just keywords – there wouldn’t be professional SEO services otherwise. Nevertheless, it also more than text too. Indeed, SEO for videos is not just a phenomenon, it is a whole professional discipline.

Whether you are including video content on your website or videos are themselves your primary content, SEO isn’t precluded just because you’re not running a blog or writing product descriptions. Furthermore, just like any other kind of SEO, even amateurs can learn enough to already take them some way.

SEO for Videos

There is a definite way of going about video SEO (and we’ll get onto some useful beginner tips in a moment), and it does actually share some things in common with the SEO techniques that most people are aware of.

For one thing, it’s not like a video doesn’t include text that can be keyword sensitive. Videos have titles and they usually have descriptions too. Furthermore, any website that specializes in video content will naturally also include text. Accordingly, the SEO techniques you might already be familiar with can still prove useful.

Sacramento SEO company Peak Design say though that there is always more to it than that. SEO experts are just that – experts – and SEO services are offered by real professionals. There are even those who specialize in video SEO.

Nonetheless, there is a lot to be said for understanding the rudiments of SEO yourself, and the rudiments of video SEO if your website contains a significant amount of video content.

Beginner Tips for Video SEO

So, what are the rudiments of video SEO? Perhaps the best way for beginners to approach the topic is to revise a few of the most useful video SEO tips. As mentioned, these will already take you some way.If you feel the need to optimize afterwards, there are always professional SEO services to turn to.

Choose the Right Hosting Platform

If you are hoping to drive traffic to your own website with video, then the best platforms are probably not the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. These sites are great for promoting brand awareness and the actual content of your video, but for generating lead so their hosting sites such as Wistia are the way to go. These platforms can automatically insert SEO metadata for your video – which saves you a lot of effort!

Insert a Video Transcript

A video transcript is the typed-out or automatically generated “script” of the video’s speech or dialogue. This text that pairs with the video is far more searchable by SEO bots, as keywords can be located here.

Create an Engaging Thumbnail Image

This won’t, alone, boost the SEO quality of the video, but it will invite users to click on it once they find it. Just coming up on the search engine will not do much good if nobody clicks on the video.

These three tips alone will already create SEO optimized videos that will boost traffic to whatever site they appear on. That is a great place to start.

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