Top Marketing Materials to Boost Your Business

If you are considering a direct mail marketing campaign, you might be wondering what you should include as part of your campaign. The answer really depends on what your goal is as well as the budget you have available. According to the direct mail marketing experts at Full Tilt Direct, each campaign should be specific to the business. But whatever materials you send, you should make sure that you get your message across to your target market. You can choose a brochure mailer or direct mail postcards, for example, but either method should include the information you want your potential customers to see so that they respond to your call to action. Below are a few ideas of the materials that can be used in your campaign.


Letters are the simplest of all materials to use when implementing a direct mail advertising campaign. They tend to be more textual than other types of material, so when using this form of advertising is important that you get the message right. It might be a good idea to hire an experienced copywriter to get your message across to the reader and capture their interest immediately. The benefit of letters is that they are contained in envelopes; unlike flyers, they are less likely to be seen as junk mail, which will ensure that the receiver will at least read the first few lines.


Postcards are simple yet effective and are an affordable way to get the message you want to your potential customers. They are small, so you need to ensure they contain focused and clear wording and images. The design needs to be eye-catching with a call to action that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want more.

Useful Gadgets

If you are hoping to create brand awareness, you might want to send small but useful gadgets that are branded with your company logo and name. These could be pens, USB sticks, or keyrings. Useful items will ensure that your target market is constantly reminded of your company every time they use the item. Placing the small item in an envelope should interest the reader enough to open it up and see what is inside. You could also include a letter or flyer with offers on specific products.


Brochures can be expensive to design, print, and mail in comparison to other mailing options, but they will put your products and services directly in front of your target audience. Some customers like the option of having a company’s product inventory with images in a booklet that they can handle and peruse at their leisure. It is important to make sure your brochure is easy to read and offers value to the recipient. Include discounts on certain products in the brochure with specific codes relating to the mailing campaign. This way, you can measure the success of the marketing campaign.

Branded Food Items

Even if your company does not sell food items, you could invest in something like candy or cookies branded with your company name to send to existing or potential customers. Everyone loves a treat, and a surprise chocolate bar or packet of treats could brighten someone’s day. Moreover, because promotional items such as these don’t cost anything to receive, they have the power to create a lasting positive impression of your company and brand.

There are many items you can use in a direct mail marketing campaign to promote your products or services, increase brand awareness, or highlight an upcoming event. The item you choose will depend on what you hope to achieve and how much you are willing to spend.