The Benefits of Facebooks Ads – Why You Need Them

There are a lot of harsh opinions of Facebook ads flying around. Many small-to-medium-sized business owners do not see the utility of paying for what, admittedly, looks on the face of it like what you can achieve with canny Facebook marketing and simply garnering enough page likes or shares. To put it another way, many entrepreneurs think that a winning Facebook strategy will organically achieve all the exposure they need.

Facebook is the largest social media platform that exists – or has ever existed. There are literally billions of distinct users on the platform and, furthermore, its complex and highly developed system of algorithms allow users with distinct interests not only to find each other but also to get connected with the brands and Facebook pages offering exactly what they want or need. But where do Facebook ads come in – if at all?

Facebook Ads – Annoying or Effective?

Engaged Media, a service offering social media strategy solutions, warns that Facebook ads do have the potential to be annoying. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been scrolling through our feeds and have been bothered by some ad or other. Of course, the algorithm system isn’t perfect, but what we have on our hands here is less to do with that and more to do with bad Facebook advertising. There is an enormous benefit to using Facebook ads (which we will get to in a moment), but they really don’t take the place of good business savvy. Modern technology has made business more potentially profitable and streamlined, but it hasn’t made it “easy”. Business is business and it must be tough to survive against the competition.

If you pay for a Facebook ad (from a business page – not the “boost button”) then it is going to get more exposure. The algorithm will act to ensure that the people who see it are likely to have interests that lie in the direction of what the ad is advertising. However, Facebook ads will not improve your ad if it isn’t up to scratch. So, if you do not feel up to the job of creating a top-notch ad, you could turn to social media experts in order to plan out better ads and a marketing strategy more likely to succeed.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Nevertheless, Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands and a terrific way to reach people successfully. Here are just a handful of the benefits they can offer:

Expert Analytics

To put things as briefly as possible, you will not get better analytics anywhere else. Facebook ad analytics include conversion rates and myriad other analytics laid out in a professional “at a glance” manner. You really will not have to be wondering about what is working and what is not, and you can thus plan your next step effectively.

Expert Microtargeting

Microtargeting refers to the ability to target not the broad demographics who might be interested in your product, but the exact right audience who are highly likely to be interested. The granularity of Facebook’s targeting is unmatched.

Remarketing to People Who Have Already Interacted with You

This is a feature very rarely offered on social media sites, which is odd considering creating a captive market base is one of the lessons in business 101. By allowing closer targeting of the people you have already impressed, Facebook ads allow you to really build a loyal customer base.

These few benefits are some of the best reasons why you should get on board with Facebook ads. You can be sure your competitors are.