Should You Spend Money on Your Home Before You Sell It?

Getting the most money for your home when you sell it is the goal of all sellers. Some people think that they will get more for their home if they take on big renovations as this will entice potential buyers. However, according to the realtors in Fort Polk at Exit Real Estate Consultants, spending big money can often a mistake.

When people buy a home, they usually want to put their own stamp on it. Just because you have spent a fortune on renovating the kitchen does not mean that what you have chosen will be to their taste. In fact, the thousands of dollars you may spend on renovations could be viewed as negative by some potential buyers, especially if they don’t like your style. So, rather than adding to the value, for some people these renovations could be detracting from it.

What You Should Do to Prepare

If you want your home to appeal to potential buyers, there are ways that you can get it ready without spending a small fortune. One of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look is to paint it. Choose neutral colors such as beige, white, or a light gray as these tones go with a variety of other colors and will make it easier for buyers to picture their own items in the home.

Give your furniture a good clean and maybe buy some new soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, and pillows to brighten up tired looking décor. Get rid of the clutter from all rooms but do not just shove it behind cupboard doors, ready to burst out when the door is opened. Many buyers will open cupboard doors and drawers as they look around, and the last thing you want is all your old junk falling on top of them.

Buy some boxes to store your personal items such as ornaments, souvenirs and photos and put them away (possibly in the attic, if you have one) until after you have sold your home.

What if Your Home is in Need of Repair?

If your home is badly in need of repair, you might be tempted to spend money to make it presentable so that you can get more money for it. However, this is not always the best option. You need to get someone to quote for the work that is required and then speak to a real estate agent to find out if you are likely to achieve that amount back when you sell. It may be better to list your home for slightly less than other properties in the area. You might find a buyer who flips houses and can take care of the repairs at cost price. Your home could be the bargain they were looking for.

Speak to a Realtor

Every home is different and the question of whether to spend money on renovations and repairs to get the most money for your home is one that can only be answered by an experienced realtor. For some people, the time and money involved with renovations is something they just would not get back when they sold the house, especially if they hired someone to take care of the work.

Nevertheless, it may be the case that you have the necessary DIY skills to take care of the work yourself at a much cheaper rate. In this scenario, a real estate agent might recommend that you undertake the work as you would be likely to achieve a much higher price for your home with basic repairs and renovations completed.