George Scorsis-The Famous Canadian Entrepreneur

George Scorsis Florida has contributed to numerous projects and companies while being an active member of the Florida community. He has held executive positions with Liberty Health Sciences and Red Bull Canada, among other roles. Scorsis has contributed to charities as a philanthropist. He supports numerous locals financially by volunteering his time. 

Who is George Scorsis

Scorsis is a C-Level CEO and a great leader from Toronto, Canada. Moreover, George Scorsis Florida is an executive chairman of weedMD, which deals with medical marijuana. The entrepreneur plays positive roles in various businesses, inspiring his team to succeed. By setting excellent standards, people learn and create a high motivating culture with the aid of this leader.

George Scorsis and Liberty Health Sciences

In other parts of the world, as well as the USA, medical marijuana use is becoming more regulated. It will make it possible for users of medicinal marijuana to appreciate the effects of the drug and how they may affect their well-being and health. Clinical marijuana has a promising future. 

It’s crucial to increase value for the market. The goal is to develop drugs that are more useful to people, particularly those who are trying to find solutions to their issues. George Scorsis has worked for several organizations, including Freedom Health and Wellness Science Inc., where he served as president and executive director. 

George Scorsis is not a new name in the heavily regulated industry. In reality, he has worked for firms involved with alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and, most recently, cannabis products. He has been a leader in these markets for more than 15 years. Every firm he has worked with has had great success due to his leadership approach.

The Person Behind the Business Suit

Especially in Toronto, Scorsis is heavily interested in philanthropy outside of business. He takes delight in supporting the initiatives of numerous organizations in Canada and helping to improve his town. George Scorsis has continuously endorsed the Agincourt Community Services Association Foodbank in Toronto’s Scarborough district. He also supports initiatives that are related to animals. 

He enjoys travelling to Rhodes, Greece, his family’s ancestral home, whenever possible. Having spent his youth and adulthood travelling to see family in Greece, he has a solid connection to his roots and family. 

He now takes pleasure in riding a motorcycle through Greece, stopping to take in breathtaking views, sample delectable cuisine, and converse with people. 

Where did Scorsis Learn/What Is His Net Worth?

George scorsis is a student from two famous universities. He got his studies from York University and Queen’s university. He got enough skills to serve as a leader in several firms like alcohol and energy drink compies. As an executive chairman MD, he receives $172,163, raising his worth to around eight million dollars.

Besides his education, George Scorsis likes riding motorbikes. He has taken this as a hobby since he started it at a young age. Moreover, he loves two wheels more than four-wheel.


George Scorsis is a renowned entrepreneur who has made great strides in the health sector. He is a great inspiration to upcoming business entrepreneurs; learn more about him online.