Four Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed of people. They’re the ones who see an opportunity and act to create something new, better, or different to make life better for themselves and others. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks, dreaming big, and embracing change. It’s also about using your creativity to solve problems in unique ways. 

But being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and it’s not for everybody. There are some key mistakes that entrepreneurs repeatedly make, which often lead to their business failing before it even gets started. 

If you’re considering entrepreneurship, or if you’ve already taken the plunge and are in the beginning stages of your business, watch out for these common missteps. 

Not Asking For Help 

Like anything else in life, running a business isn’t something you can do alone. If you want your business to succeed, ask for help when you need it, and don’t be afraid to ask for favors from those who have already paved the way for entrepreneurs like you. 

If you need a mentor, find someone like Bardya Ziaian – who has already been in the same spot as you, and ask them how they have overcome challenges and problems similar to those you are facing now. 

Focusing Too Much On Money 

Of course, you need enough money to keep your business afloat, but focusing on money can lead to poor decisions. You don’t want to saddle your business with high-interest debt just because you need the money now. You also don’t want to focus on making your product or service inexpensive just so you can undercut the prices of competitors but then sacrifice quality. 

Effective leaders like Richard Branson focus on getting the product right and price it accordingly. Just make sure to leave room for a modest markup that will allow you to stay profitable. 

Not Understanding Your Competitors 

It’s natural to build your business by differentiating yourself from your competitors, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore what your competitors are doing or avoid the topic of competition altogether. 

Instead, study your competitors to learn what they’re doing right and where they are falling short. That way, you can position yourself to fill the gaps that your competitors leave open while avoiding their mistakes. 

Not Asking For Your Customers’ Input 

You’ve put in countless hours developing your products and services, but you aren’t the only person who matters. Your customers and clients will make or break your business with their opinions and suggestions, so ask for what they need and adjust your product and service to meet their needs. Listening to your customers can help you learn about your industry, their concerns, and where you’re falling short. It can also help you discover what opportunities are available for future growth.


If you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, be aware of these common mistakes that can harm your chances of success. Learn from successful entrepreneurs like Bardya Ziaian ABC Capital. If you’ve already started your business, keep an eye out for them so you can nip potential problems in the bud.