5 Car Detailing Secrets That Can Save You Both Time And Money

Have you ever wondered how professionals detail your car until it takes on shiny armor? They use products such as ceramic sprays, soaps, and a little love for their work. Of all the three products, a ceramic spray might sound new to you. What is ceramic coating anyway?

A ceramic spray or coating is a chemical polymer that adheres to any surface of your car protects it against water, debris, or dust. The coat is applied by hand by squeezing a nozzle of the bottle that holds the polymer. The polymer will also protect surfaces from UV rays while shining the coat. Does this sound like a dream? If it does, try our tried and tested Nexgen Ceramic Spray; it works with any surface.

Nonetheless, to expertly detail your car, we have some insights for you, including how to apply ceramic coating. Let us get started.

1. Rinse- Wash- Rinse 

This is a simple formula for detailing your car, which begins by rinsing, washing, and finally rinsing again. The initial rinsing to get dirt, soften mud and flush dust off the body of the vehicle before washing it with a sponge and soap.

The washing should get rid of most dirt. If it doesn’t, the final rinsing will finish the job. When rinsing your car to remove soap, use clean water and pay attention not to leave any dirt behind. After that, let your car dry and apply a ceramic coat to seal a clean deal.

2. Use Microfiber Towels 

Microfiber towels are efficient in removing dirt and lowering friction that will subsequently lead to scratches. Thus, it is important to adopt them instead of using a normal towel to wash your car.

3. Join the Mirror Shiner Revolution 

Cleaning morrows is one of the most annoying parts of car detailing. Even after washing them severally, mirrors will always have something that will get you back to zero; that something is a streak.

Car detailing experts suggest you should try different ceramic sprays for exemplary results. A good example of ceramic spray you can find online that will get the job done in no time is Torque Detail Ceramic Spray.

4. Invest in Polishers 

 Of the many secrets of car detailing, using polishers is hardly mentioned. Polishers work in a similar fashion as ceramic sprays. To understand how they work, check out some Shine Armor Reviews.

5.  Blow Out the Vents 

A car has various vents that are responsible for the circulation of air and temperature control. Over time these vents accumulate dust, and the only way to get rid of them is by blowing them out. To get professional-grade results, use compressed air. The air will flush out all the particles in the vent, leaving it clean.

Take Away 

Car detailing covers every nonmechanical part of your car; thus, you should use the best products like ceramic sprays for sparkling your car. If you do not have any idea on how to accomplish a car detailing job, follow our above-named tips.